Finance at Ealing Council


Image of Ross Brown

Thank you for visiting this site and exploring what Ealing has to offer.

I’m Ross Brown, the council’s chief finance officer. My aim is to develop an agile and innovative finance department that is defined by its core financial principles and exemplifies the role of local government finance in a vibrant and ambitious West London borough. We are here to both enable services to succeed and provide the very best outcomes for our residents and customers and make sure we are firmly focused on finance and ensuring Ealing has a sustainable future.

The expectations of finance staff at Ealing are high. We work flexibly and at pace, to support the organisation in a time of unprecedented financial constraint, but we are central to all council’s outcomes and are highly valued by our colleagues.

I’m looking for passionate, talented and resourceful finance professionals who are creative and knowledgeable about local government finance and who will relish the opportunity to support Ealing’s vision and help improve outcomes for residents.

Our new structure has been designed with career progression in mind. Whatever level you’re currently at, there’s room for you to advance and we will support your ongoing personal development and offer opportunities to progress your career and gain a wide range of experience in an exciting and challenging environment. We also offer a flexible working environment, where the focus is on outcomes.

If this has inspired you and you’ve got the ability and drive to succeed, you will find Ealing a unique and rewarding place to work, where you can really make a difference. I look forward to your application.

Ross Brown
Chief finance officer